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22nd March, 2021

5 Ways To Increase Online Sales and Profits

It is not a secret that huge online retailers like Amazon have greatly increased their profits during the Covid-19 pandemic. It might only be slightly surprising then, to learn that online sales as a whole jumped 44 percent from 2019 to 2020. Is your business taking advantage of this economic...

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4th January, 2021

Happy New Year From LookPrior Marketplace!

2020 was a rough year. That goes without saying. Here at LookPrior, we believe that 2021 is going to be a spectacular one. Now might be the time to make a resolution for the upcoming 365 days. Our resolution is to continue to grow for our customers and to build...

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3rd December, 2020

A Very Happy Holidays from LookPrior Marketplace

For many reasons, the 2020 holiday season is going to be unlike any that we have experienced before. We here at LookPrior want to wish you and your family a safe and warm holiday this year. Hopefully, the quarantining will all be over quickly and we will be able to...

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16th November, 2020

LookPrior Marketplace’s Paid to Post Contest

LookPrior Marketplace is a new classified ads app available now on Android and iOS. With it, you can post ads for both items and services. In addition, LookPrior is the first app of its kind to utilize video, allowing buyers and sellers clarity when swapping items and making deals. For...

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16th November, 2020

LookPrior Marketplace and Selling Automobiles

Car salesmen get a bad rap. Stereotypically, they are known as untrustworthy people that are trying to fool customers into paying more than they should. The reality of the situation is that like any business, selling used cars is difficult, complex, and often a bit unpredictable.  Add in expensive upkeep...

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11th November, 2020

LookPrior Marketplace and Real Estate

I’m not a realtor. Nor do I have any real estate to sell. One day I will, but I’m not quite there yet… life’s a climb and I’m mid-way up the ladder,ya know? And, while even though I might not be a realtor, and, even though I might not have...

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1st October, 2020


LookPrior Marketplace is about to launch for both Android and iOS. With it will come the first Classified Ads app marketplace that uses video. There will also be other features that will allow you to customize the buying and selling process. On the whole, the app will make buying and...

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19th September, 2020

LookPrior Marketplace For Businesses

LookPrior Marketplace is launching soon to an app store near you. This means that the best classified ads marketplace with video will be available shorly!In addition to the video component, features like additional storage space, selling from multiple locations, and urgent sale-- where you can give your ad an extra...

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4th September, 2020

LookPrior and Home Remodeling Services

LookPrior Marketplace is the first Classified Ads app with a video component. This means that instead of just posting pictures, you can also post videos of the products you want to sell. This also means that you can post videos of the services that you offer or the type of...

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31st July, 2020

Seasons and Puzzles: Building Your Startup

Often times, many people think starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur is an easy thing to do. The truth is that building a successful business from scratch or from ground zero is not an easy thing at all. It requires a lot of work, days and nights, to bring...

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