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Our Mission

     LookPrior is here to help you grow your business by increasing profitability and sustainability. We strive to provide our clients with personalized revolutionary technological solutions to help them in their quest advancing their business and achieve their goals. We support the intrinsic cycle of development for each business from designing to developing. LookPrior will ensure things are fully completed the first time.

     We deeply care about our clients. As a result, we created the reputation of swift responsiveness and a strong source of innovation for our IT solutions, all with our highly trained and skilled team.

      We are committed to transforming your ideas into tangible and practical solutions to help you better understand your business and help it flourish. LookPrior provides top level services with the utmost professionalism to our clients in order to obtain a high return of investment.

Reasons to Look at LookPrior

Project Success Rate


Local Staff

100% of our company representatives are
situated in the United States

Swift Service

Phone request response time is
less than a minute

Product Integrity

We use the products and business services recommended and sold to our clients

Set the Time. We Get It Done.

95% Success rate for
delivering projects on time


All our facilities are designed with a capacity of exceeding the workload by a minimum of 20% to accommodate for unplanned situations

One Stop Shop

We cater to all your technology and IT needs; sparing you the hassle of managing multiple service providers

Consistency & Continuity

We ensure that you will have nonstop support and service. LookPrior Business Solutions has had the same great management and ownership since 2008

Emergency Resources

A strategic inventory that enables us to cover almost any emergency equipment requirements our clients may have