5 Keys of Inspirational Leadership

5 Keys of Inspirational Leadership

Lead by example

This classic advice is classic for a reason: it makes sense. No matter what your position of leadership is, people are looking to you to see how you handle yourself. You should always promote the good behaviors you’d like to see others display. People who hold others to standards they themselves cannot keep make great hypocrites but they don’t make good leaders. Providing a good example may take more effort, but it produces better results. People will respond well to your leadership when you prove yourself someone worthy of being followed. Of course, if you want people to listen to you, you should listen to these people.

Face challenges

Courage is great commodity. It’s been said that courage isn’t the absence of fear but the willingness to continue in the face of fear. It takes courage to face challenges. It is easier to ignore the issues that you need to conquer, but they will undoubtedly not go away. It’s always best to face challenges head on. After all, you cannot fix an issue if you don’t acknowledge it exists.

Earn trust

In many instances, trust isn’t given. It is earned. It’s always important to remember that earning trust is a process and, for some people, it takes a long time to accomplish. Anytime a person takes a new position of leadership, there will be a transitional time where leader gets to know followers and vice versa. The best way to earn trust is just to be yourself, be honest and be patient. By continually making good decisions or coming up with good ideas, trust is earned. Once you have someone’s trust, they will follow your leadership willingly and faithfully.

Be authentic

If you can’t be yourself for your leadership role, you’re probably in the wrong place. Authenticity is key to continued success as a leader. People can tell when someone’s being phony and being phony doesn’t produce loyalty, respect or trust.  The people you lead need to understand that you’re being honest, real and true to yourself as well as them.

Be innovative

Leaders, by definition, should be trailblazers. They need to set the tone in many situations. The reason people want to follow leaders is because leaders are naturally innovative. Leaders create, renovate and rebuild. They are often the first ones who take the needed actions in various situations. Leaders don’t make excuses, they make progress. Leaders aren’t afraid to fail. They’re afraid of not trying.

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